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Great fun was had by all what with the fantastic Bank Holiday weather, great diving conditions and a good turnout. It was noted that the level and quality of the photography this year was outstanding, with all entrants submitting at least one photograph into the slide show.

The Marine life category was by far and away the most popular category ranging from small Nudibranchs up to majestic Lobsters and an array of Jellyfish. Fewer entries were received in the Diver Scenic and Reserve Atmospheric categories but the quality of the photography was in no way diminished. These two categories portrayed the Voluntary Marine Reserve in all its glory!

A last minute category was included which was ĎThe Most Humorous Shotí in memory of a local diver and photographer John Goldie. There were a disappointing number of entries for this category, but this we feel was due to the late inclusion of the category. I hear entrants already scheming next yearís shots for this category! Itís got a lot of potential. The winning shot was well executed and raised the spirits of the competition.

It was good to see a substantial number of beginners (someone who has not been previously placed in a competition or been published) enter the competition. This is a promising sign, and lightens the competitive nature of the competition, as in the end itís all meant to be a bit of fun and joining in is what itís all about.

The slide show on the Sunday evening attracted huge interest, and for once we even had to turn people away as there was no more room in the village hall. An amazing 120 people attended and all voted with vigour.

After the voting had taken place, light refreshments were served and there followed a very interesting talk by marine biologist Christine Howson about St. Kilda. This whetted the appetites of the audience, especially the divers, with her stunning shots of the St. Kilda marine life. A number of divers said that they had been so inspired by the talk that they were planning a trip as# soon as possible.

Once the votes had been counted up the winners were announced. The overall winner was voted from all the category winners by a count of hands. It was close but Roy Wallerís Yarrellís Blenny made a worthy winner. Category winners and all competitors are to be congratulated on their fantastic results.

Splash In 2001 turned out ot be a very successful event raising the profile of the Voluntary Marine Reserve with divers, local and visitors alike, all appreciated the stunning photographs taken within the Reserve.

Thanks to this years sponsors:

2001 Competition Results

Marine Life Portrait

1st Prize
Roy Waller, Yarrell's Bleny.
2nd Prize
Peter Ladell, Moon Jellyfish.
3rd Prize
Isabella Nash, Two Lions Mane Jellyfish.

Diver Scenic

1st Prize
Jason Gregory, Diver Wall.
2nd Prize
Brian Jubb, Diver Kelp.
3rd Prize
Peter Tatton, Diver Wall.

Reserve Atmospheric

1st Prize
Mark Terry, Kelp Wrasse.
2nd Prize
Brian Jubb, Kelp Wrasse
3rd Prize
Peter Tatton, Octopus.

The John Goldie Most Humorous Shot

Robin Orrow, Edible Crab.

Best Beginner

Mark Terry

Overall Winner

Roy Waller

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Yarrell's Bleny by Roy Waller.

Yarrell's Bleny by Roy Waller.

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Diver at Wall by Jason Gregory.

Diver at Wall by Jason Gregory.

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Blue Shark by Bert Lee.

Blue Shark by Bert Lee.

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Forgot Something by Paul Taylor.

Forgot Something by Paul Taylor.

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