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To promote and facilitate the continued safe use of the Marine Reserve, visitors should comply with the rules defined within our code of practice. These are:


The "A" flag.

  • Boat users must carry adequate equipment and ensure that someone reliable knows where they are going and when they will return.
  • Divers must comply with safety requirements of SSAC, BSAC, SAA, PADI, CMAS etc. Boats with divers down must fly the 'A' flag.


  • Maintain a high standard of behaviour and decency in public places.
  • Obey parking regulations and park tidily, using bays where provided.
  • Obey any special regulations which might apply, for example at harbours where the harbourmasters must be obeyed.


  • Fishing and sea angling by traditional methods are permitted. Fisheries regulations must however be obeyed. It should be noted that angling is not permitted from the shore within the St. Abbs Head Nature Reserve.
  • NO spearguns, spears, hooks, gaffs etc. are to be used underwater.
  • DO NOT tamper with fishing gear or lobster pots, it is illegal and highly dangerous.
  • DO NOT collect plants or animals within the Marine Reserve.
  • DO NOT leave litter, fishing line or chemicals (waste oil, paints etc.).
  • Boat users must reduce their speed close to the cliffs of St. Abbs Head to minimise disturbance to nesting sea birds.

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St. Abbs Lifeboat.

St. Abbs Lifeboat.

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St. Abbs Harbour Information Sheet Rules for launching and mooring your boat at St. Abbs Harbour. Including maps of the local coastline.

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