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Castle Rock Guest House
Springbank Cottage B & B

Boat Charter

Dive St. Abbs Boat Charter
St. Abbs Boat Charter
Topline Boat Charter

Local Services

Post Office & Dive Centre

Welcome to the ‘Business Directory’ an online listing of businesses and services located within easy reach of the St. Abbs & Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve.

The Marine Reserve works in partnership with local businesses, to support both the sustainable development of tourism and economic growth within the area. This website is a good example of that partnership, being partially funded by donations from local businesses and in return promoting those businesses.


All the businesses listed within this directory have conformed with the following relavent guidelines:

  • Charter boats are fully licensed by the Maratime & Coastguard Acency.
  • Charter boats and their passangers are fully insured.
  • Charter boats follow the all guidelines outlined in the Marine Reserve's "Code of Conduct".
  • Hotels, Guesthouses, B & B's and Holiday Homes meet all relavent fire regulations.
  • Hotels, Guesthouses, B & B's and Holiday Homes are clean and food preperation areas are hygenic.

We do monitor the businesses promoted on this site and should it come to our attention that they are not meeting the guidelines listed above they will be removed from this directory.

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St. Abbs Harbour.

St. Abbs Harbour.

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